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Jiangsu Haian Petrochemical Plant is engaged in research, development, and early research in China. One of the key professional manufacturers of surfactants, a modern enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. For many years, we have been committed to the development and application of surfactants in the fields of textiles, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, rubber, pesticides, oil fields, paper, leather, cosmetics, coatings, metal processing, and environmental protection.

The company has consistently adhered to the "people-oriented, integrity management; innovation and development, continuous improvement" business development concept, promote "<;span class="cm"> Harmony, the pursuit of excellence; the spirit of innovation, innovation & rdquo; the spirit of enterprise: follow: "devote to the local economy, promote spiritual civilization; enhance the core competitiveness, create more social value" business purpose.

  • 三乙醇胺油酸皂
  • 耐碱渗透剂
  • 聚乙二醇8000
  • 聚乙二醇6000
  • 聚乙二醇2000
  • TXP-10
  • T-80
  • S-80
  • PPG-400
  • PEG-400
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Span, Tween, polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol, flattening, penetrant, emulsifier, polyether, agricultural milk, defoamer, antistatic agent, leveling agent, low foaming surfactant, synthetic ester, Phosphate ester, detergent


Jiangsu Haian Petroleum Chemical Factory

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